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Do you know what is the number 1 secret How To Make More Money Online, and generating a passive income at the same time? Yes it is building an email list. In 2013 my good friend Patrick Chan created a system to do just that and that helped thousands of persons doing Internet marketing. That system is called the CB Passive Income. This system comes with everything needed for someone even a newbie to start making passive income online. These include:

  1. An Opt-in page
  2. Automated Email Follow-ups
  3. Built in Promotions
  4. Content Development
  5. Free Report Giveaways etc

Everything is taken care of and all you need to do is to promote your Website Url. This is why it is so simple for anyone to make money with it. This product by Patrick Chan did very well when it was released in 2013 and newbies were able to make their first money online while experience Internet Marketers were using the system to create new streams of income on auto pilot.
The system was doing so great until it reached its peak, until Patrick discovered a new concept to get more traffic and also increase profits on auto pilot.
This concept is called the Multiple Traffic Channel Method. But before I can share this model with you, I need to explain what this concept is about. In order to build an Email List you need:
(a) An Opt-in Page which looks like this:

(b) A Fee Gift to persuade your visitors to subscribe.

Now the Opt-in Page and the Free Gift are structured towards a particular topic in a niche. For example let’s say we have an option page and the free gift is related to Affiliate Marketing, when we are promoting this Op-in page, we can go after the traffic source related to this topic. Let’s say we are buying traffic from, we should be targeting the keyword “Affiliate Marketing” and drive traffic to our Opt-in page and start building our Email List. However we would be missing out on a lot more traffic as “Affiliate Marketing” falls under a broader niche which is “internet marketing”.

So you might ask yourself, why someone would want to learn Affiliate Marketing? Is it to Make Money Online? Why would someone want to learn How To Make Money Blogging? Well it is to Make Money Too! Both of these topics are under 1 Niche “Internet Marketing”.
To create more traffic you need to find new topics in the same niche and you can double the size of your email list as a result. For Example we can put up another Op-in page offering another Free E-book about “How to Make Money with Facebook” but this time we are not only targeting Affiliate Marketing, but Facebook Marketing and Social Media. At the end of the day both of them leads to the same niche, which means the offer being promoted to the “affiliate marketing” prospects will also be suitable to “Facebook Marketing” prospects as well.
For example let’s say someone wants to learn how to “Make Money Online” by being an affiliate, he would also want to learn how to get traffic. Also that person would also want to learn how to make money from Facebook would also want to learn how to get traffic.

In summary, in any one Niche there are multiple topics. You should create Opt-in Pages and Free Gifts that are tailor made for each of this these topics and you will never run out of traffic anymore. On top of building targeted subscribers you will not need to do any extra work, because when you mail out to your Email list, you can mail out to everyone as they are all in the same Niche.
If you would like to Learn How To Make More Money Online, then all of this can be done for you on auto pilot, then you should make sure to CLICK HERE and get CB Passive Income 5.0 right now!


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