How to create a WordPress Website with Bluehost 4

How to Create a WordPress Website with Bluehost


I cannot believe i have not updated this blog in a while, but i was busy taking care of some personal business and of course busy making money LOL.

However i have been browsing through a few Internet Marketing Forums and have noticed that a lot of persons do not know how to set up a WordPress Website.

When i began my Internet Marketing journey over 6 years ago, i was curious about what WordPress. I had heard it mentioned by all the Internet Marketers i saw in Internet Marketing Forums and Groups. Then i found out that it was system that makes the building and editing of Websites more easier.

Back then i knew nothing about building websites so i started out by using an URL Shortener to shrink those long affiliate links that those Affiliate Companies gives you to send traffic to.

I hardly made any money that way as persons were usually apprehensive. This is because when they see those shortened links, they view them as spam.

I then said to myself, no matter what, I had to learn how to set up a website on my own. Subsequently I read E-books and watched numerous videos, on how to make a website using WordPress.

Then I bought my first domain at for about $10 and created my first website using  

Why i think Bluehost is the best Hosting Service!

I heard Bluehost hosting service works the best with WordPress so that is why i used there service. Furthermore, you can install WordPress with just the click of a button.

There is also an option to get a free domain at Bluehost with the purchase of  there hosting service. What I like also is there money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. However i have not found any reason so far to do so.

It was after i built this first Website that i noticed that the sales began to rolling in and i started to make money fast.

(It is a proven fact that people trust a .com link more than a link from a URL shortener)

The Website took me just a few minutes to set up after buying a domain name and hosting.

How To Make a WordPress Website

Click the the Video Below and see how you can set up a WordPress Website with Bluehost in about 8 minutes or less like an Expert. If you do like this article please hit the share button.




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