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Another popular question I see been asked on Internet Marketing Forums is “How To Get New Blog Content ideas for a Blog Post” Most Bloggers find it difficult to update there blogs because they cannot find enough ideas to create new content.
The worst thing that can happen to a Blogger is to have “ Writer’s Block”. That is sitting around your computer but you just cannot come up with something to write about.
I must confess that has happen to me a few times as well, but when this do happen to me, these are the following steps I follow:

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  1. The number one source of content comes from my subscribers i.e. I usually get some reader feedback from my subscribers about my Blog posts. I also usually ask my subscribers to give me some feedback about a particular topic I wrote about. Sometimes I even ask my subscribers what topics they want me to write about.
  2. My second source for content ideas is that I usually subscribe to some of the top Internet Blogs on the internet via there RSS Feed. What I do is on a weekly basis like on a weekend I go through all these feeds and see what topics they are writing about. By doing that I can come up with some great content ideas where I write my opinion about popular topics I see on them. Upon sharing my opinion about these topics sometimes I find that I come up with even better ideas on certain topics than on some of those popular Blogs.
  3. My third source of content ideas is Internet Marketing Forums. You would be surprised some great content ideas you can find on these forums. Top Forums like the are a great source of finding great content ideas for your blogs. Members on these Forums are always seeking some help and advise on any topic that has to do with Internet Marketing. My secret sauce is to participate on these forums by writing about topics been asked about and reference forum members to my my Blog post.
    You would be surprised the amount of traffic I got using this simple method.
  4. Another great source of content ideas is to get other Bloggers to Guest Post on your Blog. Usually your blog would have to be popular or established to get other bloggers to do this. Most of the top Internet Marketing Blogs use this method, and usually the content ideas are usually of a high quality. However if your Blog is not yet established you may have to pay other Bloggers to guest post on your blog. If you have a busy schedule, you can outsource this process to content writers on websites like for as little as $5.
  5. If none of the above works and you are still struggling to find content ideas, you can simply post a funny video on your blog. You can make your own funny video or you can simply share a funny video found on Youtube. This is also a popular method used by some of the top Internet Marketers, as funny videos gets the most shares and likes on Social Media. The idea is to keep your Blog active with engaging content even if you run out of things to write about. This is one of the methods that I will use from now onward, as I think this is a great way to get more exposure for your Blog on Social Media. It is also a great way to get blog post ideas for beginners.

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Finally people come to your blog to get fresh information. If your Blog is not updated on a regular basis, then there is no reason for your readers to come back to your Blog anymore. Therefore the more you update your Blog with fresh content is the more frequent readers will come back to your Blog for more.

Furthermore, Google loves fresh content and they will reward you with high search engine ranking if they see that your Blog is updated regularly with fresh content. If you are wondering why your Blog is not getting much search engine traffic, it could be that it is your Blog is not updated on a regular basis with fresh content.

Remember a Blog that is not updated on a regular basis is a failed Blog. The best way to get fresh content is to follow the steps mentioned in this post. These methods have worked for me and have worked for some of the leading Internet marketing bloggers. I hope this post will help you to find new content ideas for your next Blog Post!



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