How to Make Money with Clickbank Without a Website [2021]

How To Make Money with Clickbank without a website

How To Make Money with Clickbank without a Website!

In this article, I want to discuss the ways to make money with Clickbank without a Website. Clickbank is among the biggest online Marketplaces for digital products. It provides a platform where vendors (both individuals and businesses alike) can create and sell digital products.

Affiliates can likewise find various products to promote, for which they earn percentage commissions for each completed sale of the product.

There are currently about 10,000 active product vendors on Clickbank. The massive number of vendors is thus a treasure trove for affiliate marketers who are constantly searching for viable products to promote.

Making Money with Clickbank

With Clickbank, you can make money as an affiliate marketer. But first, you need to choose products to promote, and have your affiliate link. To start earning commissions, you must drive traffic to your offers, or get your link noticed by the right people.

Without your own website, you are limited on the things you can do to achieve your goal. After all, most social channels today no longer allow affiliate links on their respective platforms.

It is also difficult to make conversions if you don’t provide some kind of value. Without a website or even a blog, you will find it difficult to post articles that contain your affiliate links – but it is not impossible. Here are some ways in which you can make money with Clickbank without a Website.

Ways To Promote Products Without a Website!

Here are a couple of ways you can earn from Clickbank even if you don’t have a website:

Facebook Groups

Make Money With Clickbank with Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups

You can create a Facebook Group based on your chosen niche. The following is a step-by-step process on how to do it:

    1. Create a new FB profile. – Create a brand new profile for your business, which is distinct from your personal profile.
    2. Create an FB group. – You’ll find the “Groups” button at the left side of your profile. Click it, then click “Create Group.” Provide all necessary details. Make sure to name the group with something related to your niche.
    3. Find other groups. – Use the FB search bar to type niche-related keywords. A list of all groups related to your niche will appear. You will also find the number of members each group has.
    4. Add members to the Group. – Join as many groups as possible. Once inside, click on the members, and go to their profiles. Add them as friends. Make sure to leave a message introducing your group. Leave a link so they can join.
    5. Post and make money. – Begin posting content in your group. Without a website, this can be difficult. All you can do is to find articles from various sources such as YouTube and blogs.
    6. From time to time, drop your affiliate link there. You can also encourage others to request for info. Once they do, message them, and provide your affiliate link.

YouTube Traffic:

Youtube Videos

Make Money With Youtube Traffic

Youtube is rated as the second largest search engine only after Google, so that is a good reason to use it. They offer great free traffic for Clickbank, as well as other affiliate programs and businesses. However, you will need to get in front of the camera to do it.

Most of us do not like to be thrust into the limelight, but if you really want to make money, you will do it. You will eventually get used to it once the money starts coming in.

What you can do is to start a YouTube channel and review different products on Clickbank. You can make informational videos about these products and add your affiliate link in the description section.

The main objective with using Youtube with Affiliate marketing is to get as many subscribers and video views as possible.

This will be necessary to get traffic (or buyers) to the products you are promoting. Also, you can use it later for the promotion of other products.


Instagram Website

Instagram Traffic

This platform is another way to promote your Clickbank products. You can create an Instagram account and start to post images relating to the product you are promoting.

It is important to place your affiliate link in the bio section of your Instagram profile. When people visit your Instagram post, they will also check out your profile with the affiliate link.

If done right this method can make you a lot of money. To get people to visit your image posts you will have to use hashtags that are popular. You can also pay influencers on the platform to give a “shout-out” to your posts driving even more views.

Instagram is great for niches like Weight Loss, Make Money Online, Spirituality, Numerology and Food.


Make Money with Clickbank using Quora

Make Clickbank Money With Quora

Quora has grown to be one of the top question and answer (Q&A) websites on the internet. It can be a goldmine if you know how to use it. This website receives over 100 million visitors each month and has become popular among Internet marketers. It can send targeted traffic to your affiliate link and that is why it is so popular.

However they have become strict on posting affiliate links in recent times, due to the high volume of spamming in the past. The trick to get around this is to include your links after every 5 posts you make. Clickbank affiliate links are banned on that platform, therefore it is best to use a landing page or url shortener to mask your links.

Another trick is linking to your own youtube video relating to the product you are promoting instead of using your affiliate link. Your Youtube video must however have the affiliate link in the description section for people to visit the affiliate link.

The best thing about Quora is that it is 100% free! You can sign up for an account, search for topics related to your niche and post your answers.

Your answers has to be of quality though or it will be ghosted from the viewers. Long well written answers tend to get more up-votes and views and that will send tons of traffic to your affiliate link.

There you see, it is possible to promote clickbank products without a website.


Clickbank is one of the largest Affiliate Marketplace in the world. Thousands of individuals are making lots of money daily, and so can you! Ideally, having your own Website will make it easier for you in making money with Clickbank as an affiliate marketer.

The next step for you to do is to follow the tips provided in this post to Make Money from Clickbank without a Website and become the next success story.

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