How To Make Money with ClickBank For Beginners [$500+ Per Day] 1

How to make money with clickbank

How to make money with Clickbank

If you want to learn how to make money with ClickBank, you are not the only one. After all, more than 30,000 Digital Product sales are made every day. Furthermore there are more than 6 million users who are registered on the platform. 

What is ClickBank? How does ClickBank Work?

Clickbank is one of the most popular Affiliate Networks on which mostly digital products and software are listed to be sold. It is also where affiliate marketers or affiliates sign up to promote the products. There are some physical products listed in the marketplace but to a lesser extent.

There are two ways to make money using ClickBank….

  • One is to Launch your own Product either as a digital download or as a physical product and these persons are referred as Clickbank Vendors.
  • The other is to bypass the product creation process and sell other people’s products while you make a commission from every sale. This process is what is called Affiliate Marketing. Persons who promote these products are referred to as Clickbank Affiliates.

ClickBank commission rates vary from 5% -75%, based upon the type of product being promoted. This is one of the methods I use to earn passive income online every month. I have used money earned from these sales to buy my house and my cars.

(See snapshot of some of my recent Clickbank sales below)

Clickbank Proof

Clickbank Proof

Selling Your Own Products on ClickBank:

If you have an e-book or online course that you want to promote, ClickBank makes it easy to do so. Once you register as a vendor, you can include your product into the CB marketplace. You then set the commission percentage, that you are willing to pay to anyone, who wants to market and promote your product for you.

Once your product is listed on the Clickbank Marketplace, registered affiliates will promote it on their own websites for you. This will attract more traffic to the sales pages on your website and hopefully lead to sales.

If you are selling a product on ClickBank, you must ensure that your landing page or website is user-friendly, sales-oriented and has a clear call to action. If not, visitors will just click through and then bounce away from your Website. You can have a lot of traffic to your website but generate little income.

It is also better to see ClickBank as a lead generation tool instead of hoping to sell 100,000 copies of your e-book immediately. The best practice is to use ClickBank to guide visitors to your website. You can then get them on a newsletter list and market to them repeatedly. You may want to offer a competition or free giveaways to encourage subscriptions to your to your email list.

How to Make Money from Clickbank as an Affiliate!

How to make Money with ClickBank

How to make Money with ClickBank

Once you Sign Up Here to become an affiliate at ClickBank, you can immediately browse through the different products that you can sell. ClickBank has tens of thousands of products in its Marketplace available. Therefore in the beginning it is useful to do a research based on the niche and commission percentage until you find offers that you want to promote.

ClickBank Marketplace - Can you really make money with ClickBank?

ClickBank Marketplace

You should also make sure to look carefully at the seller’s sales page before promoting their product. They may offer a commission rate of 75%, but if their website does not look credible, you will not generate many sales, regardless of how much traffic you bring.

Key Marketing Strategies

Ideally, you should have a website with articles and other offers from partners that are similar to the ClickBank products you want to promote. If you have not set up one yet, don’t worry.

WordPress is a great free content management system that you can use to start a website and publish articles immediately. (See my article: How to create a WordPress Website.)

You can use your articles to attract readers and then present your ClickBank Affiliate offer in the article.

You can also create a newsletter for your own website and update it regularly with quality content. This can be used to promote ClickBank offers to your audience as often as possible.

How to Get Traffic to your website

The more traffic you have, the more money you can earn with ClickBank. To maximize your traffic, you must spend some time identifying frequently used keywords that relate to the product you want to sell.

If you create articles and other content based on those keywords, you can receive traffic from the search engines. Especially if you focus on the less competitive long tail keywords in your niche.

Long-tail keywords are search terms that people are looking for. These includes three or more keywords instead of one or two words. For example, if you plan to promote a weight loss product, you will find out that the term “weight loss” has too much competition from existing websites.

However keywords like “weight loss for pregnant women, don’t have that much competition and can generate more traffic.

The bottom line is that whether you promote your own products or those of someone else via ClickBank, you must ensure that your website is functional, error-free and sales-oriented.

You also want to start collecting visitors’ email info as quickly as possible, by offering a newsletter or a free course or product. This helps you to build a loyal audience to promote all your affiliate offers now and in the future.

Can you really make money with Clickbank?

My answer to that question is yes, I have made 5 figures in commissions from Clickbank alone. However the hardest part of the process is generating traffic in order to get sales. If you put in the hard work and follow the process, you too can make 5 to 6 figures each month.

How To Make Money With ClickBank Step by Step!

If you are still doubtful about how to make money with Clickbank step by step, i suggest you take a look at the Savage Affiliates Course by Franklin Hatchett.

It is the ideal course for those who want to learn how to make money using Clickbank.

Franklin will provide you with the latest training, blueprints, the road-maps on how to become a successful Clickbank Marketer. This will guide you on the right path to begin making money very quickly.

This course comes highly rated and has many testimonials which proves that this course can really get you results. (I plan to write a detailed review on this course soon you you should look out for it.)


Finally, if you need to learn how to make money with ClickBank fast, the ClickBank University Course is your best bet. Making $500 plus per day with Clickbank Marketing is indeed possible. It is now your turn to start making money from the Clickbank Marketplace. 

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